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Modern home for sale on 10th Street

This home at 413 10th Street is selling for $475,000. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

When gazing upon the 413 10th Street property in Hammonton, one of the first things interested buyers will note is how well the colors of the home blend. The tan color of the home fits well with the dark brown roof and the stone near the entrance, with the bright green grass adding a nice tone. The home features a tiny little porch, but adds to the charm. The tiny space has lights under the overhang, adding security, but also a nice atmosphere at night. The white trim along the front door looks stellar next to the light brown stones, and matches the white columns holding up the overhang. A few plant beds can be seen in front of the house, with potential to add a few more shrubs for some privacy if wanted. While the home does not feature its own garage, it does have ample space for a few vehicles in the driveway.

Inside the home, guests will find a common area, where a fireplace and two couches are placed. The room is very bright, and features multiple windows, allowing some natural light into the space. The room is fairly big, with multiple different areas for interested buyers to relax. A tan color is painted on the walls, with the floor of the room covered with hardwood. A laundry unit is also featured. The bottom level of the home is common to an open floor plan, with most of the rooms connecting and not featuring doors. The next room on the first floor is the kitchen, with tiles now lining the floors. A darker color of brown covers the walls, with wooden cabinets finishing off the decor. An island is featured right in the center of the kitchen, a perfect distance from the stove and the faucet. The kitchen has multiple updated appliances, with a chrome finish. There is also a window that looks out into the backyard of the home near the sink, which can be helpful when watching younger children.

The final space on the first floor is a dining room, with ample space for a long table. White trim lines the top of the ceiling in the room, with a black chandelier with four lights hanging. The tan color from the common area is present as well in this room, but carpet can be seen for the first time in the home. Two doors lead to the backyard of the house, adding to the accessibility of the room.

The master bedroom of the home is fairly large, with plenty of room for any sized bed interested buyers wanted. The tan walls and light brown carpet blend with the color themes of the house with a white ceiling. There is a fan that is hanging down from the ceiling and a small window near the corner of the room. The closet featured in the room has space for almost two wardrobes and is nicely featured next to the bathroom. The bathroom connected to the master is one of the only rooms in the home to not feature the tan color. A vibrant blue color is painted on the walls, with white tiles running up halfway. Gold faucets and marble countertops match the white tiles of the walls and floors, as well as the tub. Two windows are featured in the room, adding to the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Two other rooms are featured upstairs in the home, which could be used as an office space, or additional bedrooms.

The backyard of the home is where the fun happens, with an in ground pool allowing for a quick swim on a hot day. A diving board adds an extra level of fun to the pool, and stairs alongside the pool allow for easy access. The fenced in property also features a shed for extra storage, as well as a back patio. The patio is large, with room to put maybe a grill or even a patio set.

The house at 413 10th Street is currently listed at $475,000. Interested buyers can contact Michelle Lucca at (609) 957-6090 with Sail Lake Realty for more information.


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