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Perspective/ Atlantic County Clerk

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The election season has once again begun at the clerk’s office. I know that it seems like this is all we talk about but this is what it is…..the office has just finished fire district elections which took place in Buena Vista Twp. The township has five different fire districts which represent Buena Vista Township. These elections are always held the third Saturday of February. It should be noted that Buena Vista Twp. is the last community in Atlantic County with elected fire commissioners and a budget to be voted upon. As that election has now come to a close we are working on a special school election for Port Republic. It will be a election to ask the question if the school board can spend above the two percent cap. This election will be held in April. As that election is taking place the office will begin working on the Ventnor municipal election which will take place on May 14.

When we are working on that election, the office will be in full swing for the upcoming Primary election season. There will be plenty of overlap this spring.

Those who have chosen to Vote By Mail (VBM), will have to pay close attention to the ballots they will be receiving in their mail boxes. Because state statues calls for Vote By Mail (VBM) ballots to be mailed 55 days prior to the election some communities, could have as many as two sets of Vote By Mail ballots during the same time. This happened last spring as Margate had its municipal election at the same time frame the primary was taking place. This truly adds to the confusion. Our office is here to assist, as many voters don’t know why they are receiving so many different election materials at once.

If you have a question its always better to ask a question then wonder if you are doing the right thing…..our office can be reached at (609) 625-4011.

Lastly a few details about the upcoming primary candidates for the federal, county and local municipal elections must file their petitions by 4 p.m. on Monday, March 25. Please note that 55 days prior to the June 4 primary election day vote by mail ballots will be mailed to those who have requested them. Early voting for the primary election will be for a five-day period because it is a presidential election. Early voting will begin on May 29 and run through June 2. There are seven early voting sites in Atlantic County. Hammonton, Buena Vista, Atlantic City, Galloway, Egg Harbor Twp., Hamilton Twp. and Northfield. Take advantage of the many different ways to vote.

As always if you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact our office.

Joseph J. Giralo

Atlantic County Clerk

Mays Landing, N.J.


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