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Small home exceeds expectations

On the corner of Lakeview Drive, 367 Lakeview provides a comfortable and secure home. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

When driving up to 367 Lakeview Drive, the grey tones of the outside of the house are the predominant thing you notice. The grey color of the home matches the roof, as grey shingles line the roof of the house. Black shutters can be seen on the windows, giving the home another color. Steps lead up the door of the home, and a walkway from the sidewalk leads to the steps. The house is small, but the inside of the house makes it seem larger. The small house is conveniently located on the corner of Lakeview Avenue and the White Horse Pike, making it easy for travel and commute.

The back side of the home features a deck and awning, perfect for any sunny day. The backyard of the home is smaller than most, however the driveway is large and on the side of the home.

The inside of the home begins with an entrance into a family room, with bright windows and stairs that lead to the upstairs of the home. The family room is on the smaller side, but can still fit a couch and entertainment system comfortably. Modern hardwood floors are present on the first floor of the home and they bring some color to the interior. The walls of the first floor are painted tan, with white moulding lining the bottom.

Walking out of the family room and into the kitchen, soft green cabinets are the first to attract the eye. Appliances like a modern stove and fridge are present in the kitchen, giving a modern feel to the area. Granite countertops are a centerpiece of the kitchen, along with the tile wall behind the stove. There’s room for a small table in the kitchen, and a window gives a view to the backyard of the home.

The two bathrooms featured in the home seem to be remodeled and new. Both feature tile floors, but with different colors and patterns in each. The downstairs bathroom is more plain, with a pattern that matches the tan walls and white sink and vanity. The upstairs bathroom has black and white tiles, to match the more modern look of the room. Both bathrooms feature a shower, but the downstairs is the only bathroom to feature a window.

The bedrooms of the home are split, as two are downstairs, and two are upstairs. The downstairs bedrooms are much smaller, but has room to hold a bed and some furniture. The upstairs bedrooms feature more room, and one of the bedrooms has two closets. A fan can be found in the same room as the bedroom with two closets, and a light attached to it. All the bedrooms feature windows, which allows for natural light to pour into the rooms.

The basement of the home is large, with a ton of space for storage. The brown steps seem older than the other parts of the home, but still function. The floor of the basement is grey, but with a smooth finish. A few windows let some light into the basement, giving the basement some much needed light. The walls of the basement are cream colored, which is different from the rest of the home.

367 Lakeview Drive is listed at $339,000 on the market, and feels large for the size of the property. For more information, contact Phil Carr from Crowley and Carr Real Estate at (609) 561-0505.


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