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Creating a personal experience with Blondies’ Beauty Bar

Taylor Ruggeri of Blondies’ Beauty Bar at Simply Salon Suites. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Located in the Simply Salon Suites, Blondies’ Beauty Bar’s goal is to create a personal experience with their customers, striving to make them feel confident and happy. Taylor Ruggeri, the owner of Blondies’ Beauty Bar, provided an inside look of what the salon offers, as well as the goals for the business.

“The salon offers hair color, extensions, brow waxing, brow tinting and lamination, highlights, haircuts, blowouts, styling and makeup. It’s pretty well rounded,” Ruggeri said.

Ruggeri also offers bridal services and hair extensions as well, adding to the long list of services Blondies’ Beauty Bar offers. Ruggeri had always known that she wanted her own salon, and she wanted to provide the best possible services for customers. She reflected on when she first heard news about Simply Salon Suites coming to Hammonton, and what her reaction was.

“Back before COVID, I had actually thought about going out on my own... so in 2021 I had seen that Simply Salon Suites was coming here, so I jumped on it immediately. As soon as I read into it, I was like this is totally what I’m looking for. It’s just me, myself and I in the salon but I love it,” Ruggeri said.

She took the opportunity in front of her, and made the leap. Many of her clients and patrons from previous salons followed Ruggeri when she moved to the suite and have given her support.

“I have had so much support and positive feedback from everyone that had come to me and moved over to me. A lot of people are even surprised about the type of salon that it is. It’s just a premium suite, but they also find it to be such a cool concept of one person in a room... my OG clients are like ‘I’m so proud of you for stepping out on your own’ and it warms my heart. They gave me no reason for doubt,” Ruggeri said.

The relationship Ruggeri has with her customers and clients helps to maintain her goals for the business, one being to make women more confident.

“My main goal is to honestly just show as many people as possible what I can do, and what makes me different from everyone else. I’m very big on women supporting women, and my goal is to make everyone feel as confident as possible in a world that is not the nicest,” Ruggeri said.

She emphasized that she wanted women to feel confident, and to have that personal relationship with her.

“Every woman feels special, and they feel like they’ve had a personal experience with me. A lot of my clients I feel very connected to, and they feel connected to me,” Ruggeri said.

Promoting positivity and confidence is Ruggeri’s main goal for her business, and it’s what she wants to focus on.

As for a way to book an appointment with Ruggeri, she gave the simple solution of social media.

“Social media offers so many platforms for someone to book, instead of just calling me directly. I’ve had so many people text me or message me,” Ruggeri said.

Social media has given Ruggeri multiple different forms of communication with her customers, whether it be by sharing a photo on Instagram, or confirming an appointment from Facebook, it allows for flexibility.

Interested customers can find Ruggeri’s Blondies’ Beauty Bar on Instagram @taylor.ruggeri, Facebook at and the website at


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