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Letters to the Editor: Fichetola for Town Council

To the Editor:

You see what is happening in Washington, D.C. and Trenton when one political party has complete control. The party in charge can do practically whatever they want to do without question.

This can happen at all levels of government including at the local level. There are no checks and balances.

One-party rule does not make for a healthy government when there is only one voice.

I am running for town council to bring transparency and another voice to the town of Hammonton.

Downtown Hammonton is beautiful. I commend all the businesses and volunteers for their hard work in giving the downtown area this charm.

With so much opportunity in our town, I would like to expand on this charm. Hammonton consists of more than 40 square miles.

There was a time when Hammonton was called the hub of South Jersey. Basically because the town is centrally located between Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Trenton. This makes Hammonton a prime location for shops and businesses.

Especially when businesses are looking to get out of the cities over there with ridiculous laws and mandates.

When you attract commercial development to your community, you create jobs and lower tax ratables. This type of growth does not put a burden on our school system which is paid for by the taxpayers.

Parks and recreation is another issue that needs to be addressed. How about converting some of our unused tennis courts to pickleball courts which is very popular?

The basketball courts on 11th Street. are in dire need of attention. There is not one decent basketball court in our town.

The lighting on the senior league baseball field at the lake is terrible.

These upgrades are not just for us. They are for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

These are just some of the reasons why I am asking for your consideration and support on electing my running team of Bill Cappuccio for mayor, Tony Penza, Anthony Rizzotte and myself to Hammonton Town Council.

Rocco “Rick” Fichetola

Republican Candidate

for Town Council



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